Meet Kalei

Kalei Carlson is a native of Berkshire County. She began dancing as a child, and teaching as a teen. "Movement just kind of fell into my lap, and has always found it's way to me, whether it was dance, yoga, or bodywork". As a teenager dance & Yoga helped her cope with anxiety & disordered eating. As an adult, experiencing trauma & loss, teaching movement classes not only brought joy to her and the community, but helped her heal from within. As she was finding her path in this crazy world, waitressing, nannying, studying Midwifery, and continuing to teach and learn all things movement related, she found a passion for facilitating healing through movement.

Kalei was trained in Craniofascial Therapy in North Carolina with the creator, Berry Gillespie himself. This is where she learned the art & science of movement through the fascia and the unwinding process and where it all came together for her. Being a dancer, it made sense not only in her mind, but in her body too. That is when she knew it was time to offer Craniofascial Therapy to the community. As she began to meet people through her movement sessions she began to hear all kinds of stories as people were unwinding and releasing through CFT. This led her to Life Coaching. This is a way to connect deeper, and help others find their freedom, and their path. Reminding them along the way, that the power is within, and they must trust themselves first. 

Kalei continues to educate herself with self-study, workshops, and courses. Continuing to offer only the best care for her clients. She is CPR Certified, Yoga Certified by the American Fitness Association, a Certified Life Coach by Transformation Academy, a Certified Loss Doula by SBD University, & a Movement Instructor & CFT Facilitator & Owner of Movement Matters Healing Arts. 

"It is my mission & passion to hold the space for people to heal from within, find joy through movement, & connect to their bodies, creating healthier lifestyles." 

Meet Terri 

 Terri Flynn is a Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Stott Pilates Instructor and Movement Therapist. Terri has 30 years in the Fitness Industry and is known for her hard work ethic, and compassionate approach to her clients. She has worked at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires for 19 years- training with the best and pushing herself outside of the box when it comes to movement. She earned an award for exceptional customer service while working there. Her mission and passion is to provide clients with proper knowledge of the body and movement. As a movement Therapist, she is able to use movement and the Pilates Reformer to therapeutically help heal the body from the inside out. Terri lives an active life when not working. She spends her time  enjoying the sun and all things outdoors. She loves running, and spending time with her grand-daughter and her adult children. She is excited to be apart of Movement Matters Healing Arts and currently works at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires and CMC of the Berkshires. Terri looks forward to helping you in your healing journey and wants to remind you all, “don’t be afraid to be awesome!”

Meet Stefanie

Stefanie Weber is an action-based dance artist and movement Specialist. She began her study in dance and movement as an eager child. A lifelong seeker, Stefanie is always expanding and deepening her knowledge and practice. She has been a certified GYROTONIC® Method trainer since 2006, when she began her private practice assisting others with their movement needs. Stefanie collaborates with her clients to find new and true ways of sustaining, refining, and increasing their athletic ability, liberating their structure and spirit from pain and limiting patterns, bringing awareness to the joy of movement, and restoring the experience of moving as being supported, graceful, and expressive. She is excited to be a part of the Movement Matters Healing Arts crew in North Adams as a CFT (Craniosacral Fascial Therapy) Facilitator trained in the Gillespie Approach. For more information about Stefanie and her work as a dance artist and educator visit: