Our Classes 

Our Classes are designed with intent and purpose with the whole body in mind and using the mind-body connection and approach. Classes are lead by Certified Instructors with years of experience and are kept small so each person can be guided appropriately for their body. 

All classes are pre register only (check out pricing on our price list) We hope you find a class that works for you and continues to help you find freedom and space all through the power of  movement. 

*Masks are optional for all classes.*

Core n’ More  (Pilates Mat) 

This 45min class will leave you feeling aligned and balanced. Our Certified Scott Pilates instructor uses years of expertise to guide your breath to connect you to your core. The result of a strong core is freedom in you shoulders, pelvic floor, and freedom in your spine. 

You do not need a “strong core” for this class, you will get one!

Class lead by Terri Flynn every Monday 2:00p-2:45p

Kids Yoga Groove & Aerial Play 

(ages 7-12) 

This 45 m class is designed to help kids let go of stress and energy, while learning the power of breath work, meditation, and Yoga poses. Class begins with an upbeat warm up to let go of the day and energy and is followed by Yoga games, poses, and more. This class may help improve behavior, concentration, sleep, and focus. 

Class is taught by Certified Yoga Instructor & Dance Teacher Kaitlyn Houghtaling and held every Wednesday 3:45p-4:30p

Aerial Fitness Flow 

This class is upbeat and sure to keep you engaged. Kaitlyn uses the hammock to engage your core, arm strength, and keep things moving freely. Benefits include core strength, increase body awareness, flexibility and more! Relax at the end of the class in the hammock and engage in deep breathing. 


Class is taught by Certified Yoga Instructor & Dance Teacher Kaitlyn Houghtaling and held every Wednesday 4:30p-5:30p and Wednesday’s 5:45p-6:45p

Vinyasa Flow 

Join yoga instructor and reiki practitioner for this vinyasa flow class. Class is for all levels and inspires freedom and creativity from within using some upbeat/modern music. This style class will get your heart pumping and immune system strong. You will be guided into some relaxation at the end and receive reiki if you desire.

Saturday’s 9:00a-10:00a

Fascial Flow

End your day with this 60m  relaxing class that focuses on breath guided movements and fascial unwinding. Using traditional Hatha Style Yoga with a lots of flow for the ultimate experience. This class helps you unwind, release, ground, and move your fascia out of the way helping your muscles breathe. Class ends with guided relaxation and hands on touch. 

Class is for all levels. 

Class is taught by Certified Yoga Instructor Kalei Tompkins, every Monday 6:15p-7:15p

Mindful Movement & Meditation

This 50m class is just what one needs to start the week and set positive intentions. Class begins with 25m of seated breath work and gentle movements of the neck, jaw, shoulders, and back. Slight hip openers will be added as you are then guided into 25m of Reiki infused guided meditation. Meditation helps one focus, sleep better, unwind, and de-stress. Clients find they have better days after clearing their minds and setting some powerful intentions. 

Class is for all levels/no experience needed

Class is taught by Reiki Master Stacy Strain and held every Sunday 9:00a-10:00a