Our Services

Below you will find that movement is not just about exercise, but so much more! 


CranioFascial Movement Therapy (CFT) is a gentle and natural release of the fascia. The fascia is a full body connective tissue web that can apply tremendous pressure to the nerves, lymphatic system, muscles, organs, and bones. This can lead to chronic pain, and many other symptoms in the body. CFT is NOT a massage,  or Craniosacral Therapy. It is a gentle movement and unwinding of the fascial web with a Certified Facilitator and can look different for each person. There are many layers to our fascia, think of an onion. It is a Facilitator's  job to become aware of where your restrictions are, and work with you and your body to facilitate healing, working one layer at a time.Fascial restrictions are a result of trauma. We work on babies, children, & adults. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is NOT therapy, but rather like a highly skilled & trusted friend, that helps YOU find your path. Facilitating movement in your life, and guiding you as YOU make the changes. Life Coaching helps you with: Skill-Purpose & Potential, Maximizing Strengths, Goal Attainment, Time Management, Leading with the Heart, and Finding Joy & Confidence. It allows you to be true to yourself in relationships, Integrate work & home life, & set boundaries.If you find yourself feeling stuck, having ideas but they seem to float around aimlessly in your brain, not able to communicate your thoughts or feelings, unable to detach from work and be present in your life, try Life Coaching. Life Coaching Package Includes (but is not limited to): FREE Consult, Initial 90m session : Plan of Action, (2) in person meet-ups to check in and be held accountable, (2) 30-60m phone consults (if needed) & UNLIMITED email Support

Pilates Reformer Sessions & Personal Training

These sessions are designed by our highly skilled and Certified Instructor, for each individual and their healing needs. The reformer and apparatus work realigns the body and spine, while strengthening and lengthening the muscles. These sessions can create space in the joints allowing more fluidity, flexibility, and pliable bodies.The reformer creates an awareness of the core as it strengthens from deep within. All bodies can benefit and heal from injury and stress with these sessions.  

Online Classes

Short on time? Can't make a class this week? Want more than one class a week? Join us in our online Community, found on facebook. Subscribe for a month at a time and receive access to multiple videos of Yoga & Movement. Instruction led by Kalei. Great if you travel alot!

We can also do Life Coaching sessions through Skype or face time too! We want to be as flexible as possible for you!

The word on the street...

I have been experiencing chronic lower back pain over the past two years, and it became unbearable. My chiropractor suggested I see Kalei for fascia therapy. I'm seeing dramatic shifts in my body as Kalei begins to unravel years of fascia tangles. I notice greater range of motion, I plan on being a client of Kalei's for many years, my body will be happier with her working her magic on me. 

-Gail S.

Kalei made my hip feel so much better, I was able to hike without pain for the first time in years. After 1 session with Kalei, my Chiropractor was able to adjust my thoracic spine, and that was never able to happen before I saw Kalei. I feel amazing. 

- R.D

I started seeing Kalei for CFT after a concussion. I had severe migraines and limited range of motion. After a single session, my range of motion was almost back. Overall, I felt balanced. 

-Amber C.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Kalei's classes are enjoyable and easy to follow. I have been practicing Yoga for years, but there is something different about her classes. She is intuitive and seems to know exactly what we need. I always leave feeling good and inspired. 


Terri and the Pilates Reformer has helped retrain my body and muscle memory, I'm walking much straighter and feeling less pain. I always look forward to the next session, it's hard work, but worth it. Terri has been a blessing to me. -S.G

Stefanie is a natural and intuitive in her work. She has a natural flow to her. My body was able to relax and release stress and pain during our CFT session. I am looking forward to more sessions. -K.L

After just a few sessions of Pilates I was able to walk without my cane and feel less pain in my back while gaining core strength. -J.K