Relax, Unwind, & Enjoy! 

Restorative Spa Workshop

This is a 90m class designed by Kalei & filled with pure bliss. You are guided into restorative poses to help your mind, body, & nerves relax as you are supported by our props. While you are in these poses Kalei provides CFT for each person to provide you with the ultimate relaxation. Essential oils are used and you are sent home with chocolate and tea. Our treat to you. 

Day/Time to be announced monthly.

*We take special groups for these.*

(Think bridal shower, girls night, mother/daughter evening...)

Aerial Yoga & Movement 

We are now offering aerial workshops and we are the only ones in the area!

 Restorative Aerial - no experience needed. There is no spinning or inversions here. Instead, you use the hammock as a prop to support your bones, deepen the stretches and release the fascia. This is the ultimate stretching class. 

All classes are taught by trained and Certified instructor with bodywork experience.